Odo Explains how a Katana Can Save You

I think it’s been a while since we paid attention to our dear friend at Ghosts.  As everyone knows, Odo is quite the leader, as well as being known for his supreme and unsurpassed skills.  When it comes to fighting, he knows everything there is.

Heil Odo.

Odo generously provided me with a detailed video of how he applies these virtual skills to his real life.  Ever been the unfortunate victim of a house invasion? Thankfully, I have not, but now because of Odo, I’ll know just what to do with my handy Katana if it ever should happen.

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Svaghole – Home of the ‘svagians’

Many of you know, Lydius went By the Book many months ago.  So far, I would have to say, it’s been a back and forth between enjoyable, and not-so enjoyable when it comes to the experience I have had with other sims in the same category.

One of the biggest differences between By the Book and Gor Evolved, is the level of maturity, second to that, understanding.  Both two very distinctive and important traits for not only those opening a sim, but the people put in place to run it.  Unfortunately, there is quite a lack of either when it comes to groups like Svago.  Actually, I’d say their over all intelligence level is… disturbingly low.


I guess with such a small pool to sprout from, it’s no wonder that the owner of Svago, Jaris Bernard, has no clear understanding of the practiced etiquette for role play.

A couple nights ago, myself and another member of Lydius went to Svago to try and find a missing slave in character.  Thinking to do this properly, we even went through the motions of looking around our own city first.  When we could not find our darling little coin whore, the next logical thing to do was travel to the lands of those she had last been in company of the previous evening.  At first, our presence was welcomed.  However, as the story progressed over the next couple hours, the warriors of Svago became increasingly hostile and eventually it ended up in a fight that was lost by our side – with me running toward the docks like a moron before getting caught in poorly made prims and downed.

A common and expected practice is that if you are going to go through the trouble of capturing a person, you also either role play them yourself, or provide them with someone else who will.  Quite reasonable, yes?  Otherwise, what is the point in detaining a captive?  Another, and just as equally important practice in role play, is that if you are engaging in back and forth interaction your posts do not god-mod your opponent.  How can a person respond fairly to actions with their character if the other person involved has already dictated that for them?  Unfortunately, both of these situations happened on our visit.  Instead of sitting in a cell with no role play, my friend left after thirty or more minutes of being ignored.  I, was actually ejected and sent home soon after because of a request to role play with someone else.

And what was Jaris’ response?  He wrote a note card titled ‘No babysitting’ and sent it to Lydius:

It has come to my attention that captives have presented us with complaints that there time is precious and should not be wasted without RP while alone in a cell. And it is on us to provide RP entertainment.

No one wants to sit in a cell without role play.  As an owner of a role play group, it is your responsibility to encourage and facilitate interaction with not only other members, but also, with those who come to your sim for that very purpose – this includes captives.  Especially, I might point out, if your people were the first to attack.

We do NOT plan to set up a roster of svagians to babysit captives in jail.

Svagians?  Mix a few letters about, and that looks a lot like ‘vaginas’.  Jaris openly admits his group is filled with pussies.

I have no idea where that even comes from: i do you the honour of attacking you and get beaten but then I am entitled to RP more so even than your own citizens. NO, a simple NO.

Then here is a thought; don’t become hostile.  Don’t attack a man as he is making ready to leave.

We will extend our hospitality to captives who do not whine.

The only person whining here, is you.




Inky Speaks Out

See what he has to say…

Greetings all to everyone, Taela has allowed me the chance to rant out in her blog about some things i think should be expressed in my own wording and opinion, i do hope some can agree with me in this, i will be discussing how people avoid roleplay, both GE and BTB, if you don’t care to read about someone rant out or even look at this as complaining, i suggest you do not read further than this and good day

GE + RP = No RP!?!?
Let’s just be honest with each other, there is no storylines what so ever in GE gor, and yes some can argue some people do RP and do follow storylines to which i say good for you, and i for one have met people who have joined a group to follow the RP, or even told their current GE group i am following RP and will return if ICly rescued or they escape, usually it ends up with asking that person to defend the home and they will be released, or usually a friend finds you during a raid to which you get escaped, but let it be known i am merely speaking about people who honor such things, and let us be honest there is only quite a few.

RP limits, that is if you even RP has became something that could have been laughed at to just pure mockery, now i can understand some limits such has after a certain amount of time of no RP i am gone because let’s face it who wants to sit around without anyone conversing with you as you are capped on there sim, aswell no scat piss and ill even honor a no raping RP. But the no collaring when a free woman is a slap to the face as it just goe’s against anything a man can do especially since modern dressing is not so proper free woman like, do i think its fair for you to put up rp limits and shield yourself from anything you do while you bluntly wear high heels, jeans and half tops, though i suppose now a days in GE some things can be forgiven, but i honestly think group leaders and sim owners just turn a blind eye to there members limit while allowing them to act as spoiled and can do what ever the fuck they want to attitude with no real warning.

But i am saying all this with the assumption that GE people actually care of it being Gorean, which now a day’s is hard to believe, if you are a fan of the Mad Max series it feel’s more like that than anything, i could be like hey all come on let’s keep it gorean, but i find it hard to convince every GE group around, especially with leaders who keep a blind eye so they won’t lose out on there members and maintain a steady group

Now do i expect everyone be willing to RP because of the system of GE, no i do not, do i expect you to do anything in rp because i rp’d it and you should, no i do not, do i expect you to honor any kinda rp given to you and not shrug it off like nothing happen, yeah i do, i love it when people complain there is no storylines in GE, especially when woman go about complaining there is no storylines, after reading your limits of umm lemme see, no death, no sex, no stripping, no collaring hmmm, i find my options very limit to what i can do with you, perhap’s me and you can go have a drink at the nearby tavern where you will RP about how your family members will kill me because i took you, but i can’t imagine the swarm of past men who took you from your lands before mines! Gee your family will have to kill, but wait your limits make it hard for me to do anything to you, so why should i honor your threats, why should i honor anything you say or do, why should i even waste my time considering you will honor anything, when our system is based off a minium of 60 mins of RP to only wait 20 minutes for the rescue to form on docks and than what ever time it takes to beat you ONLY to expect you to be sailed afterwards.

Ohhhh and you’d like to RP again hahahahahaha, well come and raid me again and come get me, and than we can repeat and rinse over and over, untill it get’s to the point when its personal and any man woman or admin IM’s you and than make’s it a OOC personal issue! See you in the battlefield till than!

And that also annoy’s me, when someone tells me “Oh if you wanna RP me come to my sim and capture me!” so either you enjoy being captured repeatly and rescued, or you just wanna support your sim by stats, or you simply just give no shit to continue any rp because our system is based off repeatly attacking each other, why not just simply come to the sim i am on meet me somewhere and rp, what is obsession of having to bind each other and drag to roleplay, a simple “Hey let’s meet here and RP” is all it takes to get a story going, have all the people in GE put stats infront friendly roleplaying and storyline creating, do they also not consider the fact that some people don’t have the time to get a raid going, raid the damn place, hope to win to only get 60 mins of your time, when you can have already been two hours and 30 minutes in roleplay already by simply accepting the person to approach you and roleplay, i wouldnt say i am sad to see things work like that as i am more pissed off, i have friends done that to me one’s i have enjoyed capture roleplay with before and asked to continue the story with them saying i need to raid them to continue so, at the point i lose all and any interest and if you wish to be in roleplay that only involves capture rp, than so be it, i ask you don’t rant out because there is no storylines, because you are the very reason of it.

But hey Inky you have done, said so, and stopped roleplay before who are you to judge, some people must be saying to me right now, and yes i may have because when you run a sim as a admin and a owner things happen to which i had to pick a fair outcome of it because of invalidaition or someone just simply telling me they have no interest in he or she, but i have also honored every and any roleplay and tried to strive it on, but because of reasons i have already explained and people only caring for battle, i have simply lost interest to entertain you, and your group.

So after you read this i’d like to consider this, is pew pew really the only thing that matters now a day, is the GE stat page the only interest you have, why are we all obsessed with capture roleplay when it means nothing, and than sometimes banned when we honored the capture but did not like the RP because it is so obvious the reason we are there is to get rescued, do i think someone shouldve TP’d out because of it no, but do i blame someone for not wanting waste there time when you have a slave wearing a headress of gold telling you how mighty her family is to the point where you are so what the fucked out that it doesn’t even become amusing anymore, just plain stupidity.

If you like my opinion IM me i have many others id like to share, and am i confident GE will get better in honoring roleplay no, i only ask don’t bitch of your lack of RP because you favor a raid over everything

Written by Inky Ironbeard aka Inkubust

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The One Odo

I don’t know about you, but every time I hear a story regarding someone’s experience raiding Ghost Stronghold, it usually revolves around one person in particular – the infamous Odo Dryke.  It almost seems like the poor fellow deliberately wants to be the focus of all attention – even negative.   Perhaps, that is his ultimate, and no doubt very lonely purpose… to feed off of the anger and hate of others.  I think I recently (like in the last fifteen years) saw a movie that I believe depicts his logic perfectly.

Warning:  The following pictures include very cheesy taglines from Lord of the Rings.  (Please read all the parts of Odo Dryke with the most exaggerated gay lisp ever)

Odo 1

Odo 2Odo 3Odo 4odo 5Odo 6


UNknowns are UN-original.

Have you ever teleported to Unknowns, or cammed them while they took over your docks like a gathering of angry high school kids diagnosed with ADHD?  Well, I did this morning, and you know what I found?  All the women look the same; blonde, tanned, and wearing little to no clothing at all.  Some even had the exact same skin.  Rather visually unappealing, don’t you think?  Unknown womenSo, I have taken it upon myself to offer some links to Second Life fashion blogs, in the hopes that one or more of them might feel inclined to stand apart from the rest.  After all, much like their fighting style, it’s become a little bit too predictable.

Here, ladies, try something new today!  (and while you’re at it, try and get Xander to update his appearance – he’s about three years behind)




And since I am desperate to help, I will even toss in the link to Kenzie Craven’s blog.  However, be warned, her sense of fashion is taking the ideas of others, much like she takes their ex-partners.  (sensing a pattern here?) But, beggars cannot be choosers, can they?





The funny thing about Ghosts…

Most of the men and women who take residence in the land of Ghost Stronghold, are a special kind of stupid.  Gorfail had a great reputation for exploiting on an almost daily basis, how that worked within their group  And the two most celebrated candidates for that so far?  Without a doubt, Sahale Ishmene and Keyran Ronwood.  However, lately, there’s been a name that comes up more than any other.  Want to take a guess who it is?

Odo Dryke.

I joined on a raid this morning, because there was nothing else to do – and I love a good fight.  Let me clarify, that a good fight means decent numbers, fair odds, and of course a build that does not make me think that trying to tear out my own spleen with a wrench might be more doable.  (Sometimes, the latter is still a better option but I go anyhow)

At the end after we’d won, my dearest of friends decided it might be entertaining to take Odo back to our sim.  Now, of course, I had little to nothing to do with encouraging this behavior.  After all, seeing a man in misery is not something I find amusing.  All of you know how gentle of a creature I am.  I certainly would never have verbally, in Teamspeak, prodded my delightful comrade into doing something so silly.   And so, she bent over and picked up his leash.

[09:16:05] Odo Dryke: don’t bother
[09:16:08] Odo Dryke: Im not not going anywhere
[09:17:23] Odo Dryke: seriously, stop dragging my avatar around

And what happens twenty three seconds later?

[09:17:46] [Second Life: Teleport completed from Ghost Stronghold (22,121,66)]

Odo Dryke ejects Juliet from the sim for doing nothing more than… dragging his avatar on a leash.  I found that remarkably funny.  How many others out there have been treated so unfairly?  How many poor, innocent role players have been forcibly sent home because they were guilty of nothing more than having that big, surly Gorean on their leash?  Now, you see, because I am thorough I even went and read his profile limits to see if there was some absurd refusal to be leashed and dragged.  But, there was nothing there.  Only this:

**Nothing Permanent
** Rarely RP

No rants about leashes, or being pulled on one.

So, here is my challenge to those of you poor bastards who might find themselves at Ghost Stronghold over the next day or so: take Odo’s leash.  Let’s see how long it takes for him to eject you from their sim.  Send the information to me, and the one who has the quickest ejection time at the end of this week, will get one thousand lindens.  (I need the time stamps in seconds!)  Send to Myraela Resident, or Taela Resident, I might be on either avatar.



Let it be heard, FOR NARNIA!!!

Among the family names in Gor, there is but one that stands out, and that is Ironbeard.  Sure, there are Spiritors, Ishmenes, Drykes, Shinns, and so on, but let’s face it – they all suck.  Bad.  Like, really bad.

As a tribute to the greatest, strongest name in Gor, let me introduce you to the head of the family:  Riddik Ironbeard.  LET HIS BATTLE CRY BE HEARD FROM OCEAN TO OCEAN AND LAND TO LAND! (sim to sim, too, of course)

In the style of our favorite fellow, Little Johnny.





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